F.U.S.A. (Farinen United Sports Academy) is an organization that was created to support children in Haiti. Our aim is helping them discover and develop their talents, so that they may go on to pursue and achieve their dreams. We (F.U.S.A.) do not believe in words, we work hard and let the results shine through our actions. This project requires a lot of dedication, devotion, patience, motivation, hard work and help

Although Haiti is a beautiful country with a lot of potential, it currently cannot ensure a healthy and safe life for most of its residents. Children in Haiti often have no other option than to grow up on the streets, surrounded by drugs and crime, without any hope or dreams for a better future.

F.U.S.A. believes that sport and education can bring the necessary change. The change to empower the children and youth to fight for their believes and go behind their goals. To look beyond the place they grew up in and to picture the place they want to live in; without doubting if they will ever be able to. To give them the confidence, courage and knowledge they need to face their fears and build up a country that will not only be breathtaking by its nature but also by its well being.

When we, as F.U.S.A.-haiti, say Charity, we don’t just imply giving or making a donation. We want to go beyond that. We want to make a difference. We want to change the way people see Haiti.

Changing one child's point of view will change his LIFE

Changing the point of view of all Haitian children

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