Spaghetti Day

FUSA Spaghetti Day

Yearly, FUSA-Haiti organizes a benefit Spaghetti day. Our aim is to raise funds and awareness for our project in Haiti. For these eating days, we try to attract likeminded, potential supporters and sponsors. The events give us an opportunity to tell our story and explain our goals. We focus on sport, education and welfare for Haiti.  In April 2018, we organized our event in a warm and approachable place: ‘Masita Soccer Arena’. This place is located in Genk and is known for their football trainings and football related events. It’s a convenient place with enough parking accessibility and a festive environment. It created a perfect match between sport, music, tasty food and a cozy atmosphere.

Of course these events are organized in order to raise funds, but, other than the main non-profit organizations, this is not our main target. By setting up our spaghetti days, our number one goal is to bring together an approachable and good-natured group, which is open for conversation. During these events, we aim to listen to our participants and share ideas with them. We explain them the situation in Haiti and in turn, they give us their perspective on the case. In that way, we receive a lot of valuable information about our followers. The most helpful items we receive during these fundraisings are therefore not the money but mostly the ideas. 

On the first of April 2018, FUSA-Haiti brought together over 150 openhearted people. They could all choose out of a variety of different pasta dishes, as well as several deserts. We were lucky to have a handful of motivated and friendly volunteers who were well informed and enthusiastic about our organization. This allowed us to have meaningful communication and useful insights about the FUSA project. To stay open to interaction, we also made an informative and decorative video that kept repeating during the event.

Lastly, we want to finish up with a thank you to all our volunteers, participants, the cook and personnel of FUSA-Haiti. First of all a very well meant thank you to our cook and co-owner of ‘Masita Soccer Arena’: Pino Canale. Furthermore, our volunteers can’t be forgotten. They, who were there to support us in these busy times and were the key factor to talk to our audience. Also, we want to thank our hard working CEO Paul Moïse that organized and followed up the event so it could run smoothly. In specific FUSA wants to express extra gratitude to some people that made this entire event possible. Much appreciation for Masita Soccer Arena, Zakenkantoor Coenen en Partners BVBA, Julmisse Jul Vandueren and Barbara Monika Rodriguez.

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