The Power of Sport

The Power of Sport

Sport has an obvious benefit on the health of a person. Above that, it also has a lot of hidden benefits. Benefits not only for the individual, but also for a group and most important for an entire nation. The most common known benefits are those for the individual. This was already known by the romans. They said: “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Meaning that only a healthy body can produce and sustain a healthy mind (and visa versa). It’s striking that so many years ago they already understood this. Sport doesn’t only provide physical health benefits. On top of that, it also nurses the mental health.

In the second place a group can benefit excessively from sport. Besides the health benefits; team sport can bring an added value. The value of human interaction and bringing people together. Team sport encourages open and clear communication. In that way, the team can work together towards a common settled goal. Furthermore it teaches the participants to care and work for each other. Being part of a greater team also teaches generosity and stimulates democracy.
In the long run, sport can even contribute to nation-building. In other words, it can create a sense of nationalism. Making people within a country feel that they are part of the same nation. On top of that, they will feel proud to be part of this nation. The most effective way of doing this is promoting the national team of the most popular sport of in the country. If people have a shared passion, it will make them feel as if they are part of a greater good. They will feel connected to the nation.


Everyone Achieves More 

With all these benefits summed up, F.U.S.A.-Haiti believes in the power of sport. Therefore we are encouraging Haiti’s new generation to embrace sport. In order for them to experience the individual and group benefits. And ultimately create a connection within their nation.